Daily Update

Day 57-60



  • plane and treat reclaimed ipe decking for use as siding
  • installation of master bedroom to deck door
  • construct deck access doors for crane use
  • siding installation at and below deck, caulk west face under greenroof
  • install membrane on west face above greenroof
  • prepare north face for siding, add trim around windows

Day 52-56



  • siding installation, west face, greenroof soffit, and south face
  • installation of first floor side door
  • grout foundation at north addition, between shims
  • standing seem roof installation continues
  • rough-in of waste vent through roof
  • complete waterproofing at deck
  • install strapping under living room windows
  • pass structural inspection

Day 50



  • install new electrical pole and breaker panel
  • siding installation, complete east face and add membrane to north face
  • deck waterproofing, add initial concrete layer

Day 51



  • siding installation, complete north face
  • insulate basement and second floor
  • finished metal roofing installation at north, low roof
  • reframe openings, and install 2 remaining windows at first floor, west wall
  • complete sheathing of first floor, west wall
  • deck waterproofing, continue adding concrete layers

Day 48-49



  • demo side porch
  • install more sheathing on west wall, first floor
  • siding installation, third course and soffit at east wall
  • begin waterproofing deck off master bedroom