Daily Update

Day 69



  • install fascias at greenroof

Day 68



  • remove siding at greenroof corners
  • install custom metal saddles

Day 64-65



  • finish caulking south face
  • install "spore" doorbell
  • install "cor-a-vent" strapping on staircase box
  • begin installation of ipe on staircase box

Day 66-67



  • complete ipe installation on staircase enclosure
  • complete siding installation on deck doors
  • finish trim detail at first floor bedroom windows
  • install galvalume fascia at south metal roof
  • begin fascia install at greenroof
  • begin planning for gutter installation
  • replace damaged wiring at first floor bedroom
  • begin drywall installation at first floor bedroom
  • coordinate with siding and roofing contractors, flashing detail at greenroof southeast and northwest corners

Day 61-63



  • completed siding installation on south face and west face above greenroof
  • hardie panel siding installation complete
  • continued resurfacing and sealing of ipe siding for staircase enclosure