Daily Update

Document 74


  • wire lighting in stairwell, one light per landing ( 3 total ) 4-way switch at first floor, 3-way switches at 2nd floor and basement
  • remove existing drywall in stairwell
  • complete insulation of stairwell, first floor
  • complete framing in stairwell in preparation for drywall: blocking for railing, blocking at landings, plywood furring of south wall at second floor to match first floor depth, reset stud at west wall 2nd floor, shim various studs
  • install recycled drywall in stairwell: hang, mud, tape, sand, prime
  • paint stairwell, 2 coats rolled Martha Stewart Chalk, applied to Behr satin interior base
  • complete paint on exterior first floor
  • paint spiral stair treads, landings, poles and baseplate with 2 coats rolled, ACE Rust Stop enamel, Ford Gray
  • install spiral stair baseplate, pole, landings and treads ( loose )

Document 73


  • construct south porch
  • complete pad and steps at west porch
  • clear remaining concrete walkway near west porch
  • add 5/8" clear crushed rock around west porch
  • reseed front lawn
  • begin painting house at first floor south, Sherwin-Williams Duration, 2 coats rolled, color Sequin
  • install custom, stainless house numbers

Document 71


  • install central vacuum, with stub to 2nd floor
  • 1/2 round galvalume gutter installation
  • remove remaining concrete from west walkway
  • install raised beds ( stock tanks )

Document 72


  • install edging and 5/8" clear crushed rock around raised beds at south face
  • install footings and ledgers for south and west porches
  • construct west porch deck and railing
  • move temporary south steps to west, in preparation for south porch construction

Day 70



  • re-install siding at greenroof corners