Daily Update

Day 34-35



  • rain damage control
  • framing second floor south bedroom, including rake walls
  • installation of sip support beams
  • attach jib crane support column to second floor cage beam
  • attach 2x framing to jib crane support column

Day 33



  • remove tarp and support structure
  • installation of jib crane column
  • cut all dimensional lumber for second story walls
  • frame master bedroom walls, including clerestory

Day 31



  • route vents for first floor bathoom fan and oven fan
  • continued installation of warmboard, 60% complete
  • remove and reinstall polyiso foam under greenroof and deck to eliminate air gap and provide sheathing contact per code
  • continued installation of headers and point loads around first floor exterior
  • complete rough-in of shower/vanity common waste line to basement

Day 32



  • complete warmboard subfloor installation
  • partial install of 1 1/8" subfloor on greenroof and deck

Day 30



  • installation of second floor blocking under point loads and bathroom east wall
  • installation of remaining beams and framing around staircase opening
  • preparations for installation of jib crane support column
  • prototype install of warmboard decking