Daily Update

Day 40-41



  • sip installation
  • begin metal roofing installation, measuring and felt
  • begin sheathing first floor

Day 39



  • position boom truck in preparation for sip installation
  • install 5 second floor fiberglass windows
  • shore up tarps to withstand rain/wind until sip installation

Day 37



  • bolt framing to steel jib crane support column
  • window delivery
  • install staircase enclosure walls
  • begin framing deck post, beams and parapet
  • install 2" foam for insulated window/door headers

Day 38



  • continue framing staircase enclosure and deck
  • site visit from sip installers
  • cut window openings, second floor west wall
  • squaring/truing of second floor in preparation for sip installation
  • remove and replacement of first floor bedroom windows
  • connect jib crane support column to foundation
  • complete insulated headers with plywood and fasteners

Day 36



  • remove and replace sip support glulam beam for size correction
  • continue sheathing second floor
  • build and stage staircase walls in preparation for installation