Daily Update

Day 29



  • insulation of second floor cage: r-30 fiberglass batt under liveable, r-30 fiberglass batt plus 4" r-26 polyiso rigid foam under greenroof and deck
  • waste rough-in for second floor bathroom

Day 27-28



  • completion of greenroof framing
  • installation of blocking and strongties completing second floor cage ( except staircase box )
  • move remaining first floor outlets for point load installation
  • removal of front porch debris
  • rough-in electrical for recessed porch lighting under greenroof cantilever

Day 25



  • installation of central point loads in first floor wall cavities; utilize new lumber and stitch existing lumber
  • begin installation of second floor central beams
  • installation of second floor rim joists, above north addition
  • installation of second floor joists and transverse beams, above north addition

Day 26



  • delivery of jib crane support column
  • completion of framing floor cage joists, second floor east
  • begin framing greenroof joists and beams, second floor west
  • begin installation of new window headers on first floor
  • frame new window opening and temporary install of block window, first floor dining room
  • install strapping on pony wall, first floor north addition

Day 24



  • delivery of second floor engineered lumber
  • construction of pony wall at first floor, north addition, to increase wall height
  • framing first floor ceiling, north addition, consistent with balance of first floor ceiling
  • completion of consistent perimeter blocking and spacing in preparation for second floor cage