Daily Update

Document 79


  • routing second floor electrical circuits from basement through first floor
  • design and installation of media center in re-purposed fireplace

Document 78


  • construct vanity/toilet partition wall
  • install blocking and strapping
  • complete 2nd floor interior framing
  • level shower receptor
  • install toilet vent
  • complete main vent

Document 76


  • route custom warmboard channels
  • install pex-al-pex radiant tubing

Document 77


  • frame south bedroom wall
  • install electric winch and adapter to crane trolley
  • utilize crane to hoist 3/4" plywood decking to 2nd floor
  • document ponding on deck
  • frame bathroom wall and attic
  • deck attic
  • frame and install bathroom pocket door
  • cut 6" diameter hole in subfloor around shower drain for shower receptor clearance
  • utilize crane to hoist shower receptor to 2nd floor
  • rough in vanity drain and vanity/shower combination vent
  • install pocket lights in bathroom and bathroom/master entry

Document 75


  • complete spiral staircase railing, spindles, and treads
  • landscape east walkway
  • paint 2nd floor south exterior
  • frame former firebox surround
  • paint and install staircase doors and main floor bedroom door