Solar Hot Water 101

 Solar Hot Water Heating

Harnessing the sun's energy to heat and power our homes,well, just makes sense.  After all, we live on a planet where every life sustaining ecosystem has adapted to capitalize on the sun's energy.  Isn't it about time that humans do the same?

But, once you start talking about solar energy, the usual suspects in the no-not-not squad start up with their check-list chorus of complaints: solar is too expensive, intermittent, and impractical to be America's prefered power source.  In some respects this is true. However, to me, the use of solar hot water heating technology is the game changer. 

According to Home Power Magazine (highly recommended):

While most people are captivated by the high-tech nature of solar-electric (photovoltaic; PV) systems, in most cases, a solar hot water system will harvest more energy at a substantially lower cost. In fact, compared to PVs, solar hot water (SHW) collectors are more than three times as efficient at producing energy from the sun.

Investing in an SHW system is a smart solar solution for most homeowners. This proven and reliable technology offers long-term performance with low maintenance. And with federal, state, and utility incentives available, these systems offer a quick payback—in some cases, only four to eight years.

 After many false starts and disappointments, I found Bob Ramlow and Benjamin Nuszs' book, Solar Water Heating, to be the indispensable bible for the home solar hot water heating enthusiast.  

Check it out.