Daily Update

Document 89


  • solar equipment delivery
  • install mechanical in basement: inverter, combiner box, conduit, circuit breaker
  • install pv panels on roof, using S-5 clamps
  • install snow rails on roof
  • install conduit from roof to basement for dc
  • move low voltage ( phone/cable ) into conduit at front corner of house
  • install ac mechanical on outside of house: meter base, ac disconnect, conduit
  • utility installation of production meter and billing net meter, both GE I-210
  • meter values shown after 4 days of usage at end of August

Document 88


  • complete 2nd floor bathroom: grout, paint, cabinet install

Document 86


  • solar equipment layout planning, before installation

Document 87


  • weed and plant raised beds

Document 85


  • install RedGard waterproof membrane in shower surround
  • install tile in shower surround and behind toilet
  • install Nest networked thermostats on main floor ( electric forced air ) and second floor ( radiant )